14-02-22 Hargrave.pngBingBongLong suggested we go out and have a pop at a series called the Hargrave Hobble, which is around, funnily enough, the village of Hargrave up in the triangle of confusion where you can’t tell whether you’re in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire or Cambridgeshire. Hargrave is just in Northants, but the walking took us into Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire as well.

We started off by grabbing a YOSM just outside Raunds and then parked up in Hargrave for the main event. We walked round in numbered sequence, which meant anticlockwise. When you get around to #33 we made the choice to not attempt to do the whole series in one walk – it would have been too far round for the light we’d got left, so we ducked back into the village there, missing out on #34 to #38.

From there we did a few in the car, including #52 to #54, and then parked up around #42 to walk over the fields through a wind farm, completing #42 through #47. From there we drove a stretch of road nearby to complete #41 throuh #39 in reverse order. For some reason there are two #41s and two #14s.

At this point we’d got a small amount of light left and had heard of a challenge cache that required the completion of church micros in three different counties on the same day. So far we’d done Hargrave in Northamptonshire and Covington in Cambridgeshire. There was a tempting and easy looking pair of church micros in Swineshead in Bedfordshire, so we finished our day by hitting those two. In all we’d found 55 caches, which is pretty good for a February day with a mid-morning start.

2014_05_01.JPG 2014_05_02.JPG 2014_05_03.JPG 2014_05_04.JPG 2014_05_05.JPG 2014_05_06.JPG 2014_05_07.JPG 2014_05_08.JPG 2014_05_09.JPG 2014_05_10.JPG 2014_05_16a.jpg 2014_05_17.JPG 2014_05_18.JPG 2014_05_19.JPG 2014_05_20.JPG 2014_05_21.JPG 2014_05_22.JPG 2014_05_26.JPG 2014_05_30a.jpg 2014_05_31.JPG 2014_05_32.JPG 2014_05_33.JPG 2014_05_34.JPG 2014_05_35.JPG 2014_05_36.JPG CM2682 Beds Shelford.JPG 2014_05_38.JPG 2014_05_39.JPG 2014_05_43a.jpg 2014_05_46.JPG 2014_05_44.JPG 2014_05_47.JPG

The caches we found were :

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