13-06-22 MKBW Grey Bottom.pngI continue to plod my way through various bits of the MK Boundary Walk caches that a bunch of us set in late 2012. Some of the legs are very long, and also a little way away from home. But to be honest, the biggest problem is that they’re all point-to-point rather than circular, so you either need a buddy to come with you so that you can park one car at each end, or you need your wife to come with you so she can drop you off.

In this instance we used the latter approach. Kas dropped me off just to the west of Cranfield village after I’d left my car in Salford. I started at MKBW Grey 32 – Welcome to Bed!¬†and worked my way down to MKBW Grey 45 – Grey to Orange, via all those in between (you don’t need a list…).

It was a fairly warm afternoon and all the caches were fairly straightforward to do, so progress was quick, and I was soon back at the car. Not much else to say really.

So here’s a few photos.

00370_02.JPG 00370_03.JPG 00370_04.JPG 00370_06.JPG 00370_07.JPG 00370_08.JPG 00370_10.JPG 00370_12.JPG 00370_13.JPG 00370_14.JPG 00370_16.JPG 00370_17.JPG 00370_18.JPG 00370_19.JPG

The caches I found were :

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