13-10-19 MKBW Grey.pngThe Milton Keynes Boundary Walk Grey section runs from Turvey down to Salford. Earlier in the year I’d done the bottom end from Cranfield to Salford and the rest of the caches were standing out on the map, so I arranged for Kas to drop me and Ami off at Turvey and to fetch us back from Cranfield later. This gave us about 9 miles to walk with more than 30 caches to go at. It was a grey day and a bit windy, and the terrain proved to be quite hard going.

It wasn’t particularly hard going but it did feel like it was rather a long way for so few caches. I was sure Wavvy could have squeezed a few more down this section if he’d really wanted to.

Anyway, we found pretty much all of them, and even had time (at about #5) to phone Wavvy to check whether I should be concerned about not having found any of the bonus codes yet. We were fine, as it happened.

By the time we made it to Cranfield the light was beginning to go, as was our enthusiasm. We guessed Wavvy had limited this stretch to 45 caches so that it was easir to do maintenance on them, although my policy is always that you have to maintain stretches like this by walking the whole way, in which case you might as well pack ’em in.

MKBW_Grey_01.JPG MKBW_Grey_02.JPG MKBW_Grey_03.JPG MKBW_Grey_04.JPG MKBW_Grey_05.JPG MKBW_Grey_06.JPG MKBW_Grey_07.JPG MKBW_Grey_08.JPG MKBW_Grey_09.JPG MKBW_Grey_10.JPG MKBW_Grey_11.JPG

The caches we found on the day were :

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