16-09-18 Poundon.PNGMy first “proper” caching day in September. The girls were all out at a running event down in Leighton Buzzard as a result of Kas having volunteered to be a marshall, so I had the day to myself.

The weather was rather nice looking for September, so I packed the normal array of everything (to ensure it stayed that way) and headed off not long after 8am in the general direction of Buckingham.

I’d got in my mind that I could have a pop at geoff&steph’s three series – one at Poundon, one at Hillesden and one at Thornborough.

I had to stop for some motion lotion on the way, after exhausting most of a tank full going to Bracknell on Monday and Warrington on Tuesday with my new job.

16-09-18 Hillesdon.PNGSo it was quite an ambitious plan, but I had no particular time constraints and so far in September I’d only found 7 caches, so I was due a few.

The caching was mainly easy, aside from the field full of cows right at the start of the Poundon circuit. I don’t like cows. They don’t like me. Enough said. Well, I suppose if they’ve been suitably prepared, grilled a bit and served with mustard, chips and a salad I quite like cows, but otherwise, you can keep them, thanks.

I didn’t quite make all three circuits. By the time I’d finished the second and sat in my car eating lunch it was nearly 4pm. I didn’t really have the time or the inclination for another couple of hours, so I decided to jack it in, via a handful of drive-bys.

So I politely retired for the day, having found over 60 caches. Less than I’d wanted, but as many as I could be bothered with.

I took my camera with me too.

Poundon_01.JPG Poundon_02.JPG Poundon_03.JPG Poundon_04.JPG Poundon_05.JPG Poundon_06.JPG Poundon_07.JPG Poundon_08.JPG Poundon_09.JPG Poundon_10.JPG Poundon_11.JPG Poundon_12.JPG Poundon_13.JPG Poundon_14.JPG Poundon_15.JPG Poundon_16.JPG Poundon_17.JPG Poundon_18.JPG Poundon_19.JPG Poundon_20.JPG Poundon_21.JPG Poundon_22.JPG Poundon_23.JPG Poundon_24.JPG Poundon_25.JPG Poundon_26.JPG Poundon_27.JPG Poundon_28.JPG Poundon_29.JPG Poundon_30.JPG Poundon_31.JPG Poundon_32.JPG Poundon_33.JPG Poundon_34.JPG

Caches found on the day were :

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