Not much to say about this one except that there was a new series up near Riseley so I scooted up there with BingBongLong and a plan to meet Brew-a-cache up there.

It is quite a big circuit (too much for an afternoon in winter) so we planned to do the bottom half. All were pretty easy finds and it was a nice sunny afternoon for caching.

By the time we’d finished we’d found 51 caches. Better than a smack in the eye with a wet kipper.

Riseley_01.JPG Riseley_02.JPG Riseley_03.JPG Riseley_04.JPG Riseley_05.JPG Riseley_06.JPG Riseley_07.JPG Riseley_08.JPG Riseley_09.JPG Riseley_10.JPG Riseley_11.JPG Riseley_12.JPG Riseley_13.JPG Riseley_14.JPG Riseley_15.JPG Riseley_16.JPG Riseley_17.JPG Riseley_18.JPG Riseley_19.JPG Riseley_20.JPG Riseley_21.JPG Riseley_22.JPG Riseley_00.JPG

The caches we found were:

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