13-12-17 Shelswell.pngTuesday morning on my “busy” week of pre-Christmas matrix fillers – I needed to go out caching on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week to keep the run going.

On Saturday I’d started (well, done half of) a big looking series near Fringford, which is within a half hour of home when the traffic isn’t bad. I set off before 8am to beat the morning rush hour and got parked up in a lay-by near Newton Purcell alongside a greasy spoon van. It was tempting to grab a bacon buttie but I resisted and got on with some caching. It was a beautiful clear, bright and sunny morning.

The plan was to walk the top of the Shelswell Loop series by gingko. It looked like about 4 miles walking, and so should be doable in a couple of hours.

It was indeed quite quick walking, and about half an hour in I decided to get my camera out of my bag and take a few snaps. It would be a shame to waste such a pretty morning. The photos are shown below, including a few rather nice spliced together panoramas that I made up using Microsoft ICE.

Shelswell_Panorama_04.JPG Shelswell_Panorama_02.JPG Shelswell_Panorama_03.JPG Shelswell_Panorama_05.JPG Shelswell_Panorama_01.JPG

About half way round I encountered the only other person I saw on the morning (apart from the lady at the lard wagon). It was a bloke walking a dog. A little later I was walking up a hill looking for where the footpath went and I decided to go and ask the man at the house at the top of the hill. It turned out to be the same guy, and we had a five minute chat about caching. It’s nice to meet a muggle who is fairly favourable towards us. He’d seen people standing on the road (which is his driveway) a few times and asked what they were doing, but in a friendly way and seemed genuinely interested. On a lovely morning like this one was any excuse for getting outside is a good excuse.

Shelswell_01.JPG Shelswell_02.JPG Shelswell_03.JPG Shelswell_04.JPG Shelswell_05.JPG Shelswell_06.JPG Shelswell_07.JPG Shelswell_08.JPG Shelswell_09.JPG Shelswell_10.JPG Shelswell_11.JPG Shelswell_12.JPG Shelswell_13.JPG Shelswell_14.JPG Shelswell_15.JPG Shelswell_16.JPG Shelswell_17.JPG Shelswell_18.JPG Shelswell_19.JPG Shelswell_20.JPG Shelswell_25.JPG Shelswell_28.JPG Shelswell_29.JPG Shelswell_32.JPG Shelswell_33.JPG Shelswell_34.JPG Shelswell_35.JPG Shelswell_36.JPG Shelswell_37.JPG Shelswell_38.JPG Shelswell_39.JPG Shelswell_40.JPG Shelswell_41.JPG Shelswell_42.JPG Shelswell_47.JPG Shelswell_48.JPG Shelswell_49.JPG Shelswell_50.JPG Shelswell_51.JPG

After finishing this walk I still had the best part of 90 minutes left, so I drove round to the other side of Fringford to attempt a handful more, having got to the car with 17 finds in the bag. This turned out to be the now traditional frustrating end to the morning, involving a few misses, some annoyance and a general feeling of hurriedness. I think this contributed to me deciding the following morning that I really couldn’t be bothered to drive far.

The caches I found were:

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