A pre-birthday afternoon out in the car whilst up at my folks’ near Measham. Kas came out for a drive with me in the snow and we headed to collect a wave of new (to me) church micros that were north and west of where we were.

Aside from that. there’s not a lot that can be said. Churches are churches, even when they’ve got snow on the top.

CM4971 Leics Diseworth.JPG CM4972 Leics Long Whatton New Baptist.JPG CM4973 Leics Long Whatton Methodist.JPG CM4974 Long Whatton All Saints.JPG CM5901 Leics Osgathorpe.JPG CM4507 Leics Worthington.JPG CM5444 Leics Griffydam.JPG CM5457 Leics Thringstone.JPG CM5608 Leics Ibstock.JPG CM5144 Leics Newton Burgoland.JPG

The churches in question were :

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