13-09-15 Stoke Bruerne.pngA Sunday afternoon jaunt with Daughterus Maximus over to a tempting looking (i.e. short and easy looking) new series of caches at Stoke Bruerne.

The series makes more or less of an equilateral triangle (with the point down) to the south and west of the village, spreading just about as far as the adjacent village of Shutlanger.

It was a grey and fairly cold afternoon, but the caches were quite easy to find. The walk was entirely over agricultural land, most of which was pasture, and some of which had sheep, but nothing more serious than that.

We got through them all fairly quickly and then retired to the cafe at the museum in Stoke Bruerne for coffee and cake. Mainly cake.

Well, it keeps us off the streets, I suppose.

Stoke_Bruerne_01.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_02.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_03.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_04.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_05.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_06.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_07.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_08.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_09.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_10.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_11.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_12.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_14.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_15.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_16.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_17.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_18.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_19.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_20.JPG Stoke_Bruerne_21.JPG

The caches we found while out were:

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