Quack !

WWFM is an annual event in May for cachers to assemble at various locations and do something daft for 15 minutes.

In Aylesbury, the form seems to be that you turn up at a certain water feature in the middle of town and float some rubber ducks.

For us, the form was also that Kas needed some time to get a bit of work done, so me and the kids shot off for the afternoon to do a bit of caching. Well we couldn’t  just do a 15 minute event, so we went for the afternoon.

After a couple of drive-by caches we ended up in Bierton, which promised much – quite a few caches, in fact – but the reality was rather disappointing, with half of them missing or not findable or needing half a day. The highlight was my first FTF in ages on Zombie Saint.

The event was good fun though, as evidenced by the photos. We still have the ducks…….

WWFM_Aylesbury_01.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_02.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_03.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_04.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_05.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_06.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_07.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_08.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_09.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_10.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_11.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_12.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_13.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_14.JPG WWFM_Aylesbury_15.JPG

The caches we found were :

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