Holland 1989

Holland 1989

One of my first jobs involved me working for a number of months in 1988, 1989 and the start of 1990 at an oil refinery near Rotterdam. A few of my experiences whilst working there are captured in the images below.

I was living in the small town of Brielle just south of the Europoort area, and I was at the time what you might call young, free and single.

On the first of April every year Brielle celebrates a battle in which the protestant rebel Watergeuzen defeated the occupying Spanish. It was a major event in the uprisings of the Low Countries against the Spanish and is celebrated in Brielle with much gusto. It involves dressing up in period costume, tying up goats in the street, firing flour bombs out of a cannon on a mock galleon (that spent the rest of the year parked up in the canal on Turfkade, right outside my flat) and, being Holland, it involves a disturbingly large amount of drinking.

Here are a few photos I captured at the 1989 event.

Holland_01 Europoort Canal.jpg Holland_02 Brielle Bottle.jpg Holland_03 Brielle Bridge.jpg Holland_04 Brielle Water.jpg Holland_05 Brielle Boat.jpg

During the spring there was the mandatory visit to Paris for some general pretending to be Europhiles. The trip was made with workmates (at the time) Swanny, Kirky, Ali, Brewster and Michelle, I think. Here’s a few snaps.

Paris_01 Les Halles Geezers.jpg Paris_02 Les Halles.jpg Paris_03 Pompidou Art.jpg Paris_04 Louvre Pyramid.jpg Paris_05 Louvre Pyramid.jpg Paris_06 Eiffel Tower.jpg Paris_07 Place de la Concorde.jpg

Also in the spring I made trips over to Den Haag and Delft.

Holland_06 Delft Town Square.jpg Holland_07 Diffles in Delft.jpg Holland_08 Den Haag.jpg Holland_09 Den Haag.jpg Holland_10 Den Haag.jpg

In the summer I made a rather epic trip as far as Greece and back, trying out the InterRail concept. It worked well except for a couple of sticky moments where we were a bit behind schedule and needed to either change route, or go a bit quicker. Thinking about it, there was actually nearly as much non-train travel as there was train travel. To illustrate, we used buses to get from Ljubljana to Zagreb and then on to Split and Dubrovnik. Then we used a ferry to get from Dubrovnik to Corfu, to avoid having to spend 3 more days on buses. Then we flew from Corfu to Athens and caught another ferry to and from Mykonos. And finally another ferry from Patras to Brindisi. The rest of it was by train though.

Here’s some photographic proof of me going. The trip was made with a guy I used to work with in Holland (before they went home) and a couple of others I’d never met before. They came over from the UK by ferry and met me in Rotterdam.

We started in what is now Slovenia and Croatia, although back then it was still all Yugoslavia.

Europe_01 Zagreb.jpg Europe_02 Zagreb.jpg Europe_03 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_04 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_05 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_06 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_07 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_08 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_09 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_10 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_11 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_12 Yugoslav NP.jpg Europe_13 Split Rooves.jpg Europe_14 Split Tower.jpg Europe_15 Split Building.jpg Europe_16 Split Statue.jpg Europe_17 Dubrovnik.jpg Europe_18 Dubrovnik.jpg Europe_19 Dubrovnik.jpg Europe_20 Dubrovnik.jpg

From there we moved over to Greece, visiting Corfu, Athens and Mykonos.

Europe_21 Corfu.tif.jpg Europe_22 Corfu.jpg Europe_23 Corfu.jpg Europe_24 Athens Night.jpg Europe_25 Athens Night.jpg Europe_26 Athens Night.jpg Europe_27 Parthenon.jpg Europe_28 Parthenon.jpg Europe_29 Parthenon Theatre.jpg Europe_30 Temple of Zeus.jpg Europe_31 Parthenon Theatre.jpg Europe_32 1896 Olympic Stadium.jpg Europe_33 1896 Olympic Stadium.jpg Europe_34 Mykonos.jpg Europe_35 Mykonos Windmills.jpg Europe_36 Mykonos.jpg Europe_37 Mykonos.jpg Europe_38 Mykonos Windmills.jpg Europe_39 Mykonos.jpg Europe_40 Mykonos.jpg

And after we’d done in Greece we travelled by ferry over to Italy, landing at Bari and catching a train up to Rome for several days.

Europe_41 Vatican.jpg Europe_42 Vatican.jpg Europe_43 Vatican.jpg Europe_44 Spanish Steps.jpg Europe_45 Rome.jpg Europe_46 Rome.jpg Europe_47 Rome.jpg Europe_48 Rome.jpg Europe_49 Rome Forum.jpg Europe_50 Rome Forum.jpg Europe_51 Rome Forum.jpg Europe_52 Rome Pyramid.jpg Europe_53 Vatican.jpg Europe_54 Rome Forum.jpg Europe_55 Rome Coliseum.jpg Europe_56 Rome Coliseum.jpg

There was a random weekend which involved driving to the Rhine Valley via Luxembourg.

Germany_02 Rhine Valley.jpg Germany_03 Rhine Valley.jpg Germany_04 Rhine Valley.jpg Germany_05 Mosel Valley House.jpg Germany_06 Luxembourg.jpg Germany_07 Luxembourg.jpg

And then in the autumn I made a trip by plane down to Munich. As I remember it, a lot of beer was consumed on this trip. Myself and my old mate Swanny were performing an experiment to determine whether it was possible to absorb enough alcohol from German beer to get very drunk before the volume makes you explode. Let me tell you that it is very possible to absorb enough alcohol from German beer to get very drunk. We did manage to visit the 1974 Olympic Stadium during the weekend, though, where our national hosts, the Dutch, had won the 1988 UEFA Championship in the previous summer . The final game, against the USSR, contained “that” goal by Marco van Basten. Note the pre-Taylor Report presence of standing terraces at both ends of the stadium.

Germany_08 Munich Olympic Stadium.jpg Germany_09 Munich Olympic Stadium.jpg Germany_11 Munich Olympic Stadium.jpg Germany_12 Munich Olympic Stadium.jpg Germany_13 Munich Olympic Stadium.jpg Germany_14 Munich Olympic Stadium.jpg Germany_15 Munich Fountain.jpg Germany_16 Munich City.jpg Germany_17 Munich City.jpg Germany_18 Munich City.jpg

Towards the end of the year I made my first ever trip to Edinburgh to see a few work mates who had moved there to work on “the next big job”. I seem to remember having a minging cold the whole time I was there, so please excuse the bad photos. Edinburgh is a place I was to become intimately familiar with a couple of years later, not that I knew it at the time.

Scotland_01 Edinburgh Scott Monument.jpg Scotland_02 Edinburgh Scott Monument.jpg Scotland_03 Edinburgh Castle.jpg Scotland_04 Edinburgh Castle.jpg Scotland_05 Edinburgh Gallery.jpg

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