Many Countries 1990

Many Countries 1990

In 1990 I had a busy year, in which I finished my work in Rotterdam and then moved up to perform a very similar function in Gothenburg over the summer. Towards the end of the year I joined a number of colleagues in Edinburgh for a job at the Grangemouth Oil Refinery, which kept me occupied until the end of 1992. So all in all 1990 was a year of much variety and much travel for me.

I started the year still living in Brielle, and enjoyed a second Brielle Day, during which I once again consumed considerable quantities of alcohol and somehow managed to avoid falling into a canal. I also took a few photos, though not all of these were on Brielle Day. Unlike last year, though, I got a couple of good shots of the little galleon with the flour-bomb cannon.

Holland_01 Brielle.jpg Holland_02 Brielle.jpg Holland_03 Brielle Church.jpg Holland_04 Brielle Bridge.jpg Holland_05 Brielle Canal.jpg Holland_06 Brielle Windmill.jpg Holland_19 Brielle Boat.jpg Holland_20 Brielle Boat.jpg Holland_21 Brielle Boat.jpg Holland_22 Brielle Day.jpg

Whilst still in Holland one of my old school mates made a visit – his first in a year and a half – and we dashed up to Amsterdam. While we were there, we had a bizarre unexpected encounter with the landlord and landlady from the pub in Southwell that he used to frequent. Here’s a random photo or two to prove I went there.

Holland_16 Amsterdam.jpg Holland_17 Amsterdam.jpg Holland_18 Amsterdam.jpg

And while I was at it, I made a trip to the excellent collection of 18th century windmills at Kinderdijk, and a final dash to central Rotterdam.

Holland_08 Kinderdijk.jpg Holland_09 Kinderdijk.jpg Holland_10 Kinderdijk.jpg Holland_11 Kinderdijk.jpg Holland_12 Rotterdam Euromast.jpg Holland_13 Rotterdam Park.jpg Holland_14 Rotterdam Euromast.jpg Holland_15 Rotterdam Euromast.jpg

And then I moved to Sweden. During which I seem to have been rather busy. It was a rather good summer, which included the 1990 World Cup in Italy, which I watched mainly with commentary in Swedish. I was based in the city of Gothenburg.

Sweden_01 Gothenburg Reservoir.jpg Sweden_02 Gothenburg Reservoir.jpg Sweden_03 Gothenburg Reservoir.jpg Sweden_04 Gothenburg Mansion.jpg Sweden_05 Gothenburg Tap.jpg Sweden_06 Gothenburg Island.jpg Sweden_07 Gothenburg Rocks.jpg

And I had a long weekend in Copenhagen

Copenhagen_01 Palace.jpg Copenhagen_03 Fountain.jpg Copenhagen_04 Mermaid.jpg Copenhagen_05 Sculptures.jpg Copenhagen_06 Church.jpg Copenhagen_07 Parliament.jpg Copenhagen_08 Elephant Gate.jpg Copenhagen_09 Helsingor Castle.jpg

And another weekend in Oslo

Oslo_01 Palace.jpg Oslo_02 Parliament.jpg Oslo_03 Castle.jpg Oslo_04 City.jpg Oslo_05 Castle.jpg Oslo_06 Castle.jpg Oslo_07 Maritime Museum.jpg Oslo_08 Maritime Museum.jpg Oslo_09 Maritime Museum.jpg Oslo_10 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_11 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_12 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_13 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_14 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_15 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_16 Ski Jump.jpg Oslo_17 Sculpture.jpg Oslo_18 Sculpture.jpg Oslo_19 Sculpture.jpg Oslo_20 Sculpture.jpg Oslo_21 Sculpture.jpg

And also a long weekend over midsummer up in the sticks alongside Lake Vänern.

Sweden_20 Lads at Stuga.jpg Sweden_21 Swanny and Swedish Lake.jpg Sweden_22 Swedish Lake.jpg Sweden_24 Swedish Lake.jpg Sweden_25 Swedish Lake.jpg Sweden_26 Swedish Sunset.jpg Sweden_27 Swedish Canal.jpg Sweden_28 Swedish Canal.jpg Sweden_29 Swedish Canal.jpg Sweden_30 Swedish Lake.jpg

And a whacky Sunday afternoon was spent watching the waterfall that gets switched on and off at Trollhättan Falls. It used to be a permanent waterfall until someone had the great idea of building a hydroelectric powerplant there. Now they switch the waterfall on periodically to flush the crud out of the water course.

Sweden_08 Trollhattan Lock.jpg Sweden_09 Trollhattan Waterfall.jpg Sweden_10 Trollhattan Waterfall.jpg Sweden_11 Trollhattan Waterfall.jpg Sweden_12 Trollhattan River.jpg

Around October time I moved over to Edinburgh. I think some of the photos below were taken in 1991 rather than 1990, but who cares. Lots of them were taken at our team Christmas do.

Edinburgh_01 Arthurs Seat.jpg Edinburgh_02 Arthurs Seat.jpg Edinburgh_03 Arthurs Seat.jpg Edinburgh_04 Old Town Houses.jpg Edinburgh_06 River Boat Geezers.jpg Edinburgh_07 John in a Bruce Hat.jpg Edinburgh_08 Floral Clock.jpg Edinburgh_09 Buildings.jpg Edinburgh_10 Johnny Mac.jpg Edinburgh_11 Planning Geezers.jpg Edinburgh_12 Mark Patience.jpg Edinburgh_13 Buildings.jpg Edinburgh_14 Paresh.jpg Edinburgh_15 Muscat.jpg Edinburgh_16 Singing Geezers.jpg Edinburgh_17 Buildings.jpg Edinburgh_18 Buildings.jpg Edinburgh_19 New Town House.jpg

And obviously there was just time for a dash over to Paris for a weekend in the Autumn.

Paris_02 Eiffel Tower.jpg Paris_03 Versailles Palace.jpg Paris_04 Versailles Fountain.jpg Paris_05 Versailles Fountain.jpg Paris_06 Versailles Fountain.jpg Paris_07 Versailles Fountain.jpg Paris_08 Versailles Sculpture.jpg Paris_09 Versailles Geezers.jpg

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