Over the Pond 1991

Over the Pond 1991

In 1991 I was living in Edinburgh. I learned to ski and my first holiday on the piste was at Les Gets in the Portes du Soleil ski area. It was quite a strange experience to be honest. It was quite late in the season and the weather was warm anyway, and as a result most of the skiing alternated between hard ice in the morning and soft slush in the afternoon, and it was sunny the whole time so on more than one occasion the skiing was done in just a shirt and jumper rather than in the skiing jacket. It was slightly addictive though. After this first trip I’ve been a further 20 times or so.

Les_Gets_01.jpg Les_Gets_02.jpg Les_Gets_03.jpg

In the summer I made my first ever trip to the USA with my brother Phil. We spent a week in New York visiting all the usual Tommy-Tourist sites.

New_York_01 York Central Park.jpg New_York_02 York Central Park.jpg New_York_03 York Buildings.jpg New_York_04 York Buildings.jpg New_York_05 York Battery Park.jpg New_York_06 York Twin Towers.jpg New_York_07 York Twin Towers.jpg New_York_08 York Liberty Island.jpg New_York_09 York Ellis Island.jpg New_York_10 York Bridge.jpg New_York_11 York Bridge.jpg New_York_12 York UN Building.jpg New_York_13 York UN Building.jpg New_York_14 York Twin Towers.jpg New_York_15 York Twin Towers.jpg

And then a further week in New Orleans, chilling, drinking beer, and generally relaxing with the gators.

New_Orleans_01 Superdome.jpg New_Orleans_02 Superdome.jpg New_Orleans_03 French Quarter.jpg New_Orleans_04 French Quarter.jpg New_Orleans_05 Church.jpg New_Orleans_06 Kev & Phil.jpg New_Orleans_07 Jackson on a Horse.jpg New_Orleans_08 Jackson Square.jpg New_Orleans_09 Jax Brewery.jpg New_Orleans_10 Bridge.jpg New_Orleans_11 Cityscape.jpg New_Orleans_12 Mansion.jpg New_Orleans_13 Mansion.jpg New_Orleans_14 Mansion.jpg New_Orleans_15 Swamp.jpg New_Orleans_16 Swamp.jpg New_Orleans_17 Swamp.jpg New_Orleans_18 Swamp.jpg New_Orleans_19 Alligator.jpg New_Orleans_20 Skyline.jpg

Finally, towards the end of the year it was Paris time.

Paris_01 Church.jpg Paris_02 Les Halles.jpg Paris_03 Les Halles.jpg Paris_04 Hotel de Ville.jpg Paris_05 Louvre Pyramid.jpg Paris_06 River.jpg Paris_07 Notre Dame.jpg

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