Russian Around 1992

Russian Around 1992

In 1992 I was still living in Edinburgh but I seem to remember the project was winding down a bit by then.

The highlight of my year was a two week holiday in Russia with Phil. It must have been the highlight because I didn’t see fit to put photos in my albums for anything else I did in 1992.

Anyway, we flew to Moscow from London and visited the traditional tourist sites. I’m not doing a lot of narrative here, partly because it was a long time ago and I can’t remember, and partly because it was a long time ago so it will all have changed by now. The highlight in Moscow was most definitely the Kremlin. I remember having a couple of nights I don’t remember too. Much vodka.

Moscow_01 Kremlin Tower.jpg Moscow_02 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_03 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_04 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_05 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_06 Kremlin Building.jpg Moscow_07 Kremlin Lenin.jpg Moscow_08 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_09 Kremlin Bell.jpg Moscow_10 Kremlin Cannon.jpg Moscow_11 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_12 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_13 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_14 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_15 Kremlin Cathedral.jpg Moscow_16 Kremlin Building.jpg Moscow_17 Kremlin Tower.jpg Moscow_18 Kremlin Tower.jpg Moscow_19 Moscow St Basils.jpg Moscow_20 Kremlin Wall.jpg Moscow_21 Kremlin Wall.jpg Moscow_22 Moscow Lenins Tomb.jpg Moscow_23 Moscow St Basils.jpg Moscow_24 Kremlin Wall.jpg Moscow_25 Kremlin Unknown Soldier.jpg Moscow_26 Kremlin Obelisk.jpg Moscow_27 Moscow Church.jpg Moscow_28 Moscow Church.jpg Moscow_29 Moscow Church.jpg Moscow_30 Moscow Church.jpg Moscow_31 Moscow Gorky Park.jpg Moscow_32 Moscow Gorky Park.jpg Moscow_33 Moscow Gorky Park.jpg Moscow_34 Moscow Gorky Park.jpg Moscow_35 Moscow Church.jpg Moscow_36 Moscow Church.jpg

We made a trip over to the Trinity Lavra at Zagorsk by bus, and then the rest of the time was spent in Moscow city itself. I seem to remember that by the end of the week we were struggling for things to do.

Moscow_37 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg Moscow_38 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg Moscow_39 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg Moscow_40 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg Moscow_41 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg Moscow_42 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg Moscow_43 Zagorsk Monastery.jpg

And then we went on a train to St. Petersburg for a much more interesting week, including a bizarre evening attempting to use a UK credit card to pay for a pizza priced in Finnish Markka. It was just after the fall of Communism and the whole place was a bit Dodge City. And there was an equally strange evening in a joint-venture Russian-Indian restaurant that made curries with no chilli in.

St_Petersburg_01 Aurora.jpg St_Petersburg_02 River Neva.jpg St_Petersburg_03 Aurora.jpg St_Petersburg_04 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_05 Fort.jpg St_Petersburg_06 Fort.jpg St_Petersburg_07 Column.jpg St_Petersburg_08 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_09 Winter Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_10 Winter Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_11 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_12 Winter Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_13 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_14 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_15 Cathedral.jpg St_Petersburg_16 Cathedral.jpg St_Petersburg_17 Cathedral.jpg St_Petersburg_18 Fort.jpg St_Petersburg_19 Statue.jpg St_Petersburg_20 Hermitage Museum.jpg St_Petersburg_21 Hermitage Museum.jpg St_Petersburg_22 Canal.jpg St_Petersburg_23 Finland Station.jpg St_Petersburg_24 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_25 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_26 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_27 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_28 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_29 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_38 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_39 Buildings.jpg St_Petersburg_40 Statue.jpg St_Petersburg_41 Park.jpg St_Petersburg_42 Cathedral.jpg St_Petersburg_43 Buildings.jpg

One of the most impressive places we visited during the week was the Royal Palace complex at Petergof.

St_Petersburg_30 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_31 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_32 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_33 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_34 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_35 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_36 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_37 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_44 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_45 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_46 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_47 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_48 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_49 Summer Palace.jpg St_Petersburg_50 Summer Palace.jpg

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