A New Home 1993

A New Home 1993

I had a fairly quiet year in 1993 in photographic terms. It was my first year of living in Milton Keynes and as a result also the first time I ever owned my own car, the first time I bought a house, and the first time in four years I had to live off the money I earned.

I continued my new found obsession with skiing by visiting Chamonix in February.

Chamonix_01 Mountains.jpg Chamonix_02 Mountains.jpg Chamonix_03 Mountains.jpg Chamonix_04 Mountains.jpg Chamonix_05 Aiguille du Midi.jpg Chamonix_06 Mountains.jpg Chamonix_07 Ski Geezers.jpg Chamonix_08 Glacier Ice Wall.jpg Chamonix_09 Vallee Blanche.jpg Chamonix_10 Mountains.jpg

Then later in the summer I made a trip over to Ireland with Brewster and the Swannies, including some time in Dublin, Limerick, Killarney and Cork. The weather was nice all week, which is not normal for Ireland.

Ireland_01 Dublin Trinity College.jpg Ireland_02 Dublin Trinity College.jpg Ireland_03 Dublin Trinity College.jpg Ireland_04 Limerick Church.jpg Ireland_05 Limerick Castle.jpg Ireland_06 Killarney Mountains & Lake.jpg Ireland_07 Killarney Forest.jpg Ireland_08 Killarney Mountains.jpg Ireland_09 Killarney Mountains.jpg Ireland_10 Killarney Mountains.jpg Ireland_11 Killarney Mountains & Lake.jpg Ireland_12 Killarney Caroline.jpg Ireland_13 Irish Beach Geezers.jpg Ireland_14 Irish Beach Road.jpg Ireland_15 Killarney Mountains.jpg Ireland_16 Killarney Mountains.jpg Ireland_17 Killarney Mountains.jpg Ireland_18 Irish Church.jpg Ireland_19 Irish Lake.jpg Ireland_20 Blarney Castle.jpg Ireland_21 Irish Castle.jpg

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