Skiing and Boating 1996

Skiing and Boating 1996

The year began in March with a skiing trip to Sestriere with a group of random friends and acquaintances I’d met at home. I think there was an earlier trip to Les Deux Alpes with the gym I was a member of at the time, but I didn’t seem to photograph that one.

Sestriere_01.jpg Sestriere_02.jpg Sestriere_03.jpg Sestriere_04.jpg Sestriere_05.jpg Sestriere_06.jpg Sestriere_07.jpg

In the middle of the summer there was an “It’s a Knockout” day at my old work location.

Its_A_Knockout_01 Finn.jpg Its_A_Knockout_02 Ed.jpg Its_A_Knockout_03 Matt.jpg Its_A_Knockout_04 Finn.jpg Its_A_Knockout_05 Theresa.jpg Its_A_Knockout_06 Mary.jpg Its_A_Knockout_07 Finn.jpg Its_A_Knockout_08 Matt.jpg Its_A_Knockout_09 Ed.jpg Its_A_Knockout_10 Team.jpg Its_A_Knockout_11 Animals.jpg Its_A_Knockout_12 Katy.jpg

I also spent two weeks with my new company doing some software installation in Singapore for my old company, which was a bit weird. I worked in an office with people I already knew.

Singapore_01 Buildings.jpg Singapore_02 Buildings.jpg Singapore_03 Buildings.jpg Singapore_04 Buildings.jpg Singapore_05 Cricket.jpg Singapore_06 Cricket.jpg Singapore_08 Buildings.jpg Singapore_09 Buildings.jpg

Later in the summer I went on a canal barge holiday starting at Evesham, and continuing up the River Avon through Stratford and deep into Warwickshire before turning around and chugging back again.

Canal_Boating_01 Stratford.jpg Canal_Boating_02 Stratford.jpg Canal_Boating_03 Swan.jpg Canal_Boating_04 Kipper.jpg Canal_Boating_05 Bridge.jpg Canal_Boating_06 Geezers.jpg Canal_Boating_07 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_08 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_09 Jimmy.jpg Canal_Boating_10 Kipper.jpg Canal_Boating_11 Matt.jpg Canal_Boating_12 Andrew.jpg Canal_Boating_13 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_14 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_15 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_16 Kev.jpg Canal_Boating_17 Geezers.jpg Canal_Boating_18 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_19 Geezers.jpg Canal_Boating_21 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_22 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_24 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_25 Cazza.jpg Canal_Boating_26 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_27 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_28 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_29 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_30 Twister.jpg Canal_Boating_33 Boating.jpg Canal_Boating_32 Steve.jpg

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