Very Few Photos 1997

Very Few Photos 1997

I was still working with KBC in 1997 and spent much of my year travelling to Germany on Monday to Thursday every week. Time was therefore a bit limited, with weekends being spent mainly getting ready for the next week away. It seems to be the year in which I took the fewest photos.

Early in the year I went skiing in Wengen with most of my usual crowd.

Wengen_01 Ice Sculptures.jpg Wengen_02 Buildings & Eiger.jpg Wengen_03 Ski Geezers.jpg Wengen_04 Ski Geezers.jpg

Some time in the summer there was an alcocycling trip. For the uninitiated, it involves cycling between pubs and getting very drunk. At some point it usually involves surfing on Concrete Cows too.

Alcocycling_01 Geezers.jpg Alcocycling_02 Matt.jpg Alcocycling_03 Finns.jpg Alcocycling_11 Andrew & Katy.jpg British_GP_01.jpg

In July I went to the British GP at Silverstone.

British_GP_01.jpg British_GP_02.jpg British_GP_03.jpg British_GP_04.jpg British_GP_05.jpg British_GP_06.jpg

And finally in August I went up to the Lake District for a week with a bunch of mates.

Lake_District_01 Crummock.jpg Lake_District_02 Crummock.jpg Lake_District_03 Steve.jpg Lake_District_04 Matt.jpg Lake_District_05 Crummock.jpg Lake_District_06 Cazza.jpg Lake_District_07 Buttermere Geezers.jpg Lake_District_08 Whinlatter Geezers.jpg Lake_District_09 Ullswater Geezers.jpg

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