Meeting the Mrs 1998

Meeting the Mrs 1998

I had two skiing holidays at the start of the year. The first was early on in the season at Courchevel 1850, and it was on this holiday that I first really met Kas. ┬áThe second holiday was five weeks later over the hill in Meribel. This was my “regular” outing with my old work mates and I remember I was already missing being with Kas, so there must have been something in it even though there was technically nothing going on at that time.

Skiing_01 Couchevel Geezers.jpg Skiing_02 Courchevel Kev.jpg Skiing_03 Meribel Geezers.jpg Skiing_04 Meribel Swanny.jpg Skiing_05 Meribel Caroline.jpg Skiing_06 Meribel Kev.jpg Skiing_07 Meribel Scott.jpg Skiing_08 Meribel Kevs Feet.jpg

By the time we got around to the Kippers’ wedding in spring I had a definite sense of a relationship forming with Kas. In fact, I think it was around this weekend when we became more official about it. Anyway, it was a a fine spring day for a wedding, with a reception at the Swan in Milton Keynes Village. And if memory serves me correctly, Arsenal beat Manchester United, not that I cared much about that.

Kips_Wedding_01 Muscat.jpg Kips_Wedding_02 Family.jpg Kips_Wedding_03 Kippers.jpg Kips_Wedding_04 Matt.jpg Kips_Wedding_05 Geezers.jpg Kips_Wedding_06 Kippers.jpg Kips_Wedding_08 Kev.jpg Kips_Wedding_09 Kipper.jpg

In the summer there was another alcocycling trip. It must have been a significant year, because pretty much everyone in the photos on this trip is still with the same partner.

Alcocycle_01 Jools.jpg Alcocycle_02 Matt.jpg Alcocycle_03 Laura.jpg Alcocycle_04 Geezers.jpg Alcocycle_05 Burlaces.jpg Alcocycle_06 Brewster.jpg Alcocycle_07 Underments.jpg Alcocycle_08 Kas.jpg

And another visit to the British GP (which caused me to miss the 1998 World Cup Final).

British_GP_01 1998.jpg British_GP_02 1998.jpg British_GP_03 1998.jpg British_GP_04 1998.jpg British_GP_05 1998.jpg British_GP_06 1998.jpg British_GP_07 1998.jpg British_GP_08 1998.jpg British_GP_09 1998.jpg British_GP_10 Aircraft.jpg British_GP_11 Aircraft.jpg British_GP_12 Aircraft.jpg British_GP_13 Aircraft.jpg British_GP_14 1998.jpg British_GP_15 1998.jpg British_GP_16 1998.jpg

And that was apparently all the photos I took in 1998.

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