In August 1999 Kas and me spent a week in Crete – our first ever “proper” summer holiday together.

It was warm and sunny and very picturesque.

Oh, and while we were there, I made a very drunken proposal of marriage to Kas whilst sitting at a quayside cafe in Rethymno one night. She said yes.

We took an excursion one day to visit the city of Heraklion and the Minoan ruins at Knossos.

Crete_01 Iraklion Castle.jpg Crete_02 Iraklion Waves.jpg Crete_12 Knossos Building.jpg

Towards the end of the week we took another excursion to the Samariá Gorge on the western end of Crete. It’s beautiful down there.

I’d been previously (in about 1987, I think) on a quick holiday in between finishing university and starting work, but that time I’d just gone bus bus and boat to the bottom end. This time we took the “proper” option of getting dropped off at the top and walking down to the sea (about 15km). We got overtaken by an emergency donkey at one point, which was slightly embarrassing.

Crete_04 Samaria Gorge Kev.jpg Crete_03 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_05 Samaria Gorge Kev.jpg Crete_06 Samaria Gorge Kas.jpg Crete_07 Cretan Mountains.jpg Crete_08 Samaria Gorge Kev & Kas.jpg Crete_13 Samaria Gorge Kas.jpg Crete_14 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_15 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_16 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_17 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_18 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_19 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_20 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_21 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_22 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_23 Cretan Mountains.jpg Crete_24 Cretan Mountains.jpg Crete_28 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_29 Samaria Gorge.jpg Crete_09 Cretan Coast.jpg Crete_10 Cretan Coast.jpg Crete_11 Cretan Coast.jpg Crete_26 Cretan Bay.jpg Crete_25 Cretan Village.jpg

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