I have to say that Madeira is without doubt one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. It’s kind of raw and unspoiled in the interior and the coastal areas feel quite refined and not particularly bothered by the “here-we-go” mob.

We flew over on British Airways from Gatwick on one of the May Bank Holidays, having set off from home at what we thought was a nice early time, which would allow plenty of opportunity to use the BA Exec Club lounge to grab free drinks and lunch, however as the M25 is the M25 we ended up arriving at Gatwick so late that we pretty much had to run straight through and get on the plane.

At the other end, Madeira’s airport is small, easy to deal with, uncluttered and rather spectacular. Basically, Madeira doesn’t have enough flat land anywhere to build a runway big enough for modern commercial jets. The original runway was built by cutting a chunk out of the side of a headland to make enough for a short runway and some terminal buildings. To make the runway longer, they had to start building a raised concrete platform which spans towards the next headland, with rather dramatic effect.


The area beneath the big concrete pillars provides handy extra space for car parking and similar airport-related services.

Back at the plot, we’d rented a car (a VW Golf, I think) from the airport and had booked a hotel in Funchal for our week, but otherwise had pretty much no plans other than to explore.

So in no particular order :

We spent an amount of time just meandering around in Funchal.

Madeira_01 Funchal Gardens Kas.jpg Madeira_02 Funchal Gardens.jpg Madeira_03 Funchal Trumpet Flower.jpg Madeira_04 Funchal Trumpet Tree.jpg Madeira_05 Funchal Trumpet Tree.jpg Madeira_06 Funchal Harbour.jpg Madeira_07 Funchal Harbour.jpg

One day we drove into the mountains looking for some levadas.

Madeira_11 Madeira Mountain.jpg Madeira_12 Madeira Waterfall.jpg Madeira_13 Madeira Kas.jpg Madeira_14 Madeira Valley.jpg

Another day we went up on the gondola to Monte for a look around and a dramatic wooden toboggan ride back down.

Madeira_17 Monte Buildings.jpg Madeira_18 Monte Cascade.jpg Madeira_19 Monte Cascade Kas.jpg Madeira_20 Monte Gardens Funny Castle.jpg Madeira_21 Monte Cascade.jpg Madeira_22 Monte Gardens.jpg Madeira_23 Funchal Flower.jpg Madeira_24 Monte Church.jpg Madeira_25 Funchal Flower.jpg Madeira_26 Funchal Flower.jpg

We went up to the Botanical Gardens one afternoon.

Madeira_27 Funchal Formal Garden.jpg Madeira_28 Funchal Aloes.jpg Madeira_29 Funchal Cactus.jpg Madeira_08 Funchal Gardens.jpg Madeira_09 Funchal Topiary.jpg Madeira_10 Funchal Palm.jpg

We had one (very long) day walking from Pico do Arieiro past Pico Ruivo and on to Achada do Teixeira and back. This took us all day, and we were a bit kippered when we finally got back to the car. The walk was spectacular though and the path was a bit hairy in places.

Madeira_37 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_38 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_39 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_40 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_41 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_42 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_43 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_44 Pico Ruivo Walk.jpg Madeira_45 Pico Ruivo Walk Kas.jpg

We had another day where we walked out as far as possible along the peninsula on the far north-eastern corner of the island.

Madeira_30 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_31 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_32 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_33 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_34 Sao Lourenco Walk Kas.jpg Madeira_35 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_36 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_60 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_61 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg Madeira_62 Sao Lourenco Walk.jpg

And finally we had a day where we drove around the northern coatsline, where the scenary is very dramatic and they had som trouble fitting in a proper road.

Madeira_46 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_47 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_48 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_49 Madeira Northern Coast Kas.jpg Madeira_50 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_52 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_53 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_54 Madeira Northern Coast Kas.jpg Madeira_55 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_56 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_57 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg Madeira_58 Madeira Northern Coast.jpg

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