Luvverly Jubilee

Luvverly Jubilee

In early June 2002 we paid a visit down to Devon for a long weekend of farting about, enjoying the seaside, and wishing we didn’t have to go back again. It happened to be the weekend of Her Maj’s Golden Jubilee, so the second May Bank Holiday had been deferred back to the first weekend in June, and we got an extra holiday too.

On the agenda was a day out at the National Trust site at Arlington Court.

Devon_01.jpg Devon_02.jpg Devon_03.jpg Devon_04.jpg Devon_05.jpg Devon_06.jpg Devon_07.jpg Devon_08.jpg Devon_09.jpg Devon_10.jpg Devon_11.jpg

And a trip to the beach at Woolacombe

Devon_14.jpg Devon_15.jpg Devon_16.jpg Devon_17.jpg

And a random beach on the North Devon coast.

Devon_18.jpg Devon_19.jpg Devon_20.jpg Devon_21.jpg Devon_22.jpg

And there was some “going to the pub” involved too.

Devon_12.jpg Devon_13.jpg

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