Snowy Tattenhoe

It’s not often we get a lot of snow at home. When we do, it can be really pretty, and we tend to get to enjy it because we almost invariably end up with roads, offices, and life in general, being shut down until it goes away again.

Tattenhoe_01 Snowy Park.jpg Tattenhoe_02 Swans in Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_03 Swans in Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_04 Stream.jpg Tattenhoe_05 Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_06 St Giles Church.jpg Tattenhoe_07 St Giles Church.jpg Tattenhoe_09 Frozen Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_10 Frozen Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_11 Frozen Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_12 Frozen Pond.jpg Tattenhoe_13 Snowy Path.jpg Tattenhoe_14 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_15 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_16 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_17 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_18 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_19 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_20 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_21 Snowy Trees.jpg Tattenhoe_22 Snowy Trees.jpg

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