In January 2007 we went on a skiing trip to Meribel. It was probably the last time we went skiing, in fact, and I was the only one among us who actually got out on the piste. Ami was only two-and-a-half, so probably not really up to it. Kas was pregnant with Izzy, so that was her out of the game too. Dennis and Linda came with us too but neither decided to give it a go, even though Dennis is perfectly capable.

One outstanding feature of this skiing holiday was that we went in the car. So, despite all the evidence from the trip to La Rochelle six months earlier being to the contrary, we somehow thought that having five of us in one car driving through the night through France would be a good idea. It wasn’t, to be honest. All of us were trying to get to sleep apart from Ami, who was resolutely resisting. On one of the stops we made in the middle of the night she barfed on the floor of the restaurant at the services. Can’t remember which services it was, but I suspect they’ve forgotten us by now.

Dennis did a driving shift between about 3 and 5 in the morning, or at least he was supposed to, but he was only half awake and eventually I got him to pull over so we could have a quick stretch and I took over again.

We eventually arrived in Meribel at lunchtime on Saturday, having been on the road since the previous evening. Overall, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

The skiing was good although the snow wasn’t great. I joined ski school, not really because I needed to learn, but because I wanted some company. I was in quite an advanced group (I’d have hoped so) and we were getting around quite a lot.

Kas, Ami, Dennis and Linda were spending their days mooching about in Meribel and meeting me at the tops of mountains most days.

We stayed in Meribel Village at the Pierre et Vacances apartment complex. We’d booked quite a large apartment so that we could all get into the same one, rather than having two, and I think it had four proper bedrooms and sleeping space in the lounge, which meant it could sleep about 15 students, but for us it meant two proper double rooms, one of the twins that Ami had to herself, and the other filled with luggage. It also had about 3 khazis, a couple of shower rooms, a fairly decent kitchen and a big open plan living and eating area. It was pretty good really. January is early season, so the resort was fairly quiet and as a result the price for our palatial apartment was still fairly reasonable. It also had an indoor swimming pool (where the girls spent a chunk of their time) and an underground car park (where our car spent all of its time apart from the trips in and out). While we were in Meribel, we went everywhere on the free shuttle buses.

Meribel_01 Verdons from Saulire.jpg Meribel_02 Above Meribel.jpg Meribel_03 Above Meribel.jpg Meribel_04 Chairlift from Saulire.jpg Meribel_05 Saulire Gondola.jpg Meribel_06 Mont Blanc from Tougnette.jpg Meribel_07 Meribel from Tougnette.jpg Meribel_08 Saulire from Tougnette.jpg Meribel_09 Saulire from Tougnette.jpg Meribel_10 Combe Saulire.jpg Meribel_11 Saulire Cable Car.jpg Meribel_12 Combe Saulire.jpg Meribel_13 Courchevel Hotel & Roundabout.jpg Meribel_14 Courchevel Magic Roundabout.jpg Meribel_15 Courchevel Hotel.jpg Meribel_16 Courchevel Skis & Boards.jpg Meribel_17 Meribel Hotel Eterlou at Night.jpg Meribel_18 Meribel Chaudanne Rhodos.jpg Meribel_19 Meribel Chaudanne View.jpg Meribel_20 Saulire.jpg Meribel_21 Mountains.jpg Meribel_22 Mottaret from Tougnette.jpg Meribel_23 The Family.jpg Meribel_24 Dennis & Linda.jpg Meribel_25 Meribel from Tougnette.jpg Meribel_26 Tougnette Drag Lift.jpg Meribel_27 Meribel Olympic Ice Rink.jpg Meribel_28 Mont Vallon from Meribel.jpg Meribel_29 Mont Vallon.jpg Meribel_30 Meribel Olympic Ice Rink.jpg Meribel_31 Meribel Olympic Bits.jpg Meribel_32 Meribel Olympic Bits.jpg Meribel_33 Meribel Olympic Ami.jpg Meribel_34 Meribel Olympic Bits.jpg Meribel_35 Meribel Olympic Bits.jpg Meribel_36 Meribel Olympic Bits.jpg Meribel_37 Meribel Buildings.jpg Meribel_38 Mottaret Lunchtime.jpg Meribel_39 Mottaret Hotel.jpg Meribel_40 Kas Snapping Kev.jpg Meribel_41 Kas Snapping Kev.jpg Meribel_42 Tougnete Gondola.jpg Meribel_43 Tougnete Gondola.jpg Meribel_44 Skiers at Tougnete Summit.jpg Meribel_45 Sign at Tougnete Summit.jpg Meribel_46 Ski School Group.jpg Meribel_47 Tougnete Sign.jpg Meribel_48 Meribel from Tougnete.jpg Meribel_49 Tougnete Sign.jpg Meribel_50 Tougnete Gondola.jpg Meribel_51 Saint Martin Lift.jpg Meribel_52 Instructors.jpg Meribel_53 Getting off the Lift.jpg Meribel_54 Skiing over to St Martin.jpg Meribel_55 Skiing over to St Martin.jpg Meribel_56 Boarders Getting Ready.jpg Meribel_57 Tougnete Gondola Mid Station.jpg Meribel_58 Tougnete Gondola Mid Station.jpg Meribel_59 Skiing in Blazers.jpg Meribel_60 Tougnete Gondola Foot Station.jpg Meribel_61 Tougnete Gondola Foot Station.jpg Meribel_62 Plan de l'Homme Chair.jpg Meribel_63 Down into Meribel.jpg Meribel_64 Meribel Alpina Sign.jpg Meribel_65 Girl on Bench.jpg Meribel_66 Skis.jpg Meribel_67 Skis.jpg Meribel_68 Big Chairlift.jpg Meribel_69 Over the Edge.jpg Meribel_70 Over the Edge.jpg Meribel_71 Courchevel 1850.jpg Meribel_72 Verdons Station.jpg Meribel_73 Kev on the Piste.jpg Meribel_74 Saulire Cable Car.jpg Meribel_75 Saulire Cable Car.jpg Meribel_76 Courchevel Coffee.jpg Meribel_77 Courchevel Skis.jpg Meribel_78 Saulire Avalanche Risk.jpg Meribel_79 Evening Sunshine.jpg Meribel_80 Mottaret from Tougnete.jpg Meribel_81 Tougnete Middle Station.jpg Meribel_82 Snowman Ami & Kev.jpg Meribel_83 Ami.jpg Meribel_85 Ami in the Snow.jpg Meribel_86 Mont Vallon.jpg Meribel_88 French Flag.jpg Meribel_89 Ami in a Hat.jpg Meribel_90 Tougnette Bubble.jpg Meribel_91 Bubble Queue.jpg Meribel_92 Skiing from Plattieres.jpg Meribel_94 Ski Pile.jpg Meribel_95 Dangly Ice.jpg Meribel_96 Wheres Me Beer.jpg Meribel_97 Wheres Me Beer.jpg Meribel_98 Mottaret Bus Stop.jpg Meribel_99 Meribel Village.jpg

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