Life Begins

Life Begins

The boy Simply Paul was 40 years old, apparently, although I didn’t really know him at the time.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion he decided to set a series of caches around the village in which he spent his formative years, namely Steeple Claydon, in that there Buckinghamshire.

I happened to spot a bunch of notifications of these caches on the morning they appeared, and it happened to be a Saturday afternoon when I didn’t have a great deal of anything else to do, so me and the cache mobile headed off in the general direction to see what we could find.

As it turned out, what we found on that Saturday afternoon was a bunch of empty log sheets – apparently, nobody else was close enough and eager enough to go and give it a shot, so on my first afternoon visit I made about 26 FTFs. Cool. Although, by the time I got back, it was distinctly dark – not great conditions for wandering across agricultural land in the winter.

I only managed to do about two thirds of them on that first afternoon, so I returned on December 4th to finish them off. This proved to be quite hard work, as I struggled with a lot of the caches on the southern part of the figure eight shape, but I got most of them eventually.

The caches I found on the two days were :