Seaham Beach

Seaham Beach

A winter’s day up in the North East. The sun was shining and the kids needed to get out and run around a bit, so we took them down to the beach at Seaham. They love it there because you can quite often find bits of rounded coloured glass amongst the pebbles as a result of waste that was dumped onto the shore when there used to be a glass factory somewhere nearby.

We had a bit of a walk around the beach, but not for long, because the tide was coming in quickly, and then we followed it up with a trip into a nearby cafe to grab coffee, cakes and sticky sweets.

While we were there, we grabbed three geocaches on the way back to the car too.

Alconbury ‘n’ That

Alconbury ‘n’ That

This was a day out with Daughterus Minimus around the very pleasant little villages of Alconbury, Alconbury Weston and Coppingford.

We parked up in the centre of Alconbury and initially had a pop at the “Alconbury Ambulance” series (plus a few hanger’s on). This yielded 31 finds over about 8km of walking – not a bad start to the day.

When we were done with that, we had time enough to grab 10 more in the car before heading home. Izzy was about done with walking but wasn’t bothered about heading home.

Izzy also made me drive the car through a ford – there’s one in Alconbury.

There’s not a lot more to be said though. It was a good day out.

The caches we found were :



FF40 is a series of puzzles near to Rotherfield Peppard, down in the south-east corner of Oxfordshire and not far north of Reading. We went down there because it was the weekend of the Reading half marathon, which Kas was running.

Kas dropped us off nearby and then drove down into Henley-on-Thames to spend the afternoon with an old work friend. Ami and me got ourselves buckled up for a bit of walking.

I’d solved all these and a number of others in the area (at some personal cost) over the preceding weeks and was now ready to do the walk. It was a nice day, but we didn’t notice because the walk was almost entirely under tree cover. This also meant, of course, that some of the caches were hard to find because the tree cover obscures the satellite signal a bit.

The walk took us about 5 hours in total. It’s a good job we took some snacks with us.

After the walk around in the trees we walked along the road into Rotherfield Peppard to grab a few more whilst waiting for Kas to come and fetch us back. By the time Kas reached us we’d walked 12km and found 52 caches. We grabbed 3 more in the car to get the number of puzzles found on the day to more than 50.

From here we drove down into Reading and stayed overnight so we were handily placed for the race the day after. The hotel we had was a bit rubbish, but I guess that’s always a possibility when you’re trying to keep the costs down.

The caches we found on the day were :



I took the day off work, in part because I needed a bit of a break and in part because there was a much talked about solar eclipse in prospect in the middle of the morning, which was being celebrated with a caching event in Central Milton Keynes. I wouldn’t normally have gone, but total eclipses are a rarity, so I decided to take the day off and go to do some more caching after the eclipse/event.

The first photo in the batch above was actually taken whilst walking down the ramp into the kids’ school with Izzy. The cloud was just thinning out the light enough to be able to shoot the Sun perfectly without needing any filters. The shot really is of the Sun, partially covered by the Moon, taken through clouds.

When I got to the caching event, I felt a bit inadequate with my “prosumer” handheld camera. Everyone else seemed to have some expensive kit on show. I managed to get a couple of decent photos though, a couple of which involved the use of someone else’s black filter. I quite like the ones through the clouds with the slight rainbow effect.

Once the caching event was done I headed off for my caching walk I scooted over towards Haynes to finish of the “Between Hare and There” series that I’d started earlier in the year. On the previous visit I’d left a chunk of about 20 caches at the north end and a little grouping of 7 or so at the south end.

I can’t remember why we left them last time, but presumably it was just because they involved a bit more walking than we had time (or energy) for on the previous trip.

I started with the grouping at the northern end and then moved the car to attack the group at the southern end.

During the walk the weather had cleared up from the initial grey start to the day, and I managed to find myself with a couple of very good shots over the Bedfordshire countryside, including a great view down a hill and towards the massive Cardington Sheds.

By the time I’d done that lot I had time left (just) to nick a Church Micro in Clophill before coming home to meet the girls from school.

The caches I found during the day were :

Dunstable Mega Day

Dunstable Mega Day

The day began with an event in Leighton Buzzard to celebrate “Pi Day” – for the mathematically inclined that would be 3.14.15 at 9.26am (ish). Izzy decided she was happy to join me for the day, so I planned a fairly long circuit from Totternhoe Knolls over the fields towards Dunstable and back. We obvious packed “provisions” too, as you can’t go caching at this time of year without appropriate sustenance.

Our walk took us steeply uphill to start with, past an earthcache that required to estimate and describe a few things about a massive chalk cliff there. From that point it was somewhat easier going as we walked across rolling countryside and then into the outskirts of Dunstable itself. We hunted for one multi in Dunstable that we couldn’t find and there was another on the edge of town where I think we must have miscalculated and ended up in a nonsensical location. Other than that, most of the finds were straightforward. We were starting to struggle with energy by about 3:30 pm though. The walk back home was along an old railway line, so it was fairly quick and Izzy did remarkably well to keep going, but had obviously had more than enough by the time we stopped.

We made 51 finds in total. They were: