The Sketch

A nice warm day in July and a good day for a spot of Tupperware hunting. I arranged a trip out with Wavvy over towards Alcester to complete the OTT series by Delta68 (see #01 OTT).

We went over after I’d done parkrun in Milton Keynes in the morning, so I was already well warmed up by the time we reached the location. We parked at about #10 on the series and walked a clockwise loop (as you must, to avoid the demons).

Overall we walked about 12.5km on the loop and it took us around 5 hours. All the way around Wavvy kept having flashbacks to a previous series he’d done here a few years ago. I guess it happens.

By the time we got back to the car we’d had enough walking so we slipped into “Church Micro Mode”, as is often the case. To this end I also requested we cross the border into Worcestershire so I could colour in a new county on my stats map. So we did the church micro at Inkberrow, which Wavvy had already done before. As we were leaving here the weather started to look decidedly stormy, so we were glad to be back in the car and heading home.

Overall it was a pretty decent day, with 51 total finds, a new county and 5 more Church Micros. Too many finds for me to be bothered with adding links for each one though.

Caches we found on the day were :