Soggier than Soggy Jack McSoggy

A day out caching around Alconbury with Wavvy where we got rather wet. How wet? I had to wring out my socks, that’s how wet.

We parked up in the middle of Alconbury Weston, close to the stream and ford in the middle of the village. From there we headed initially eastwards towards Alconbury proper, before coming through the village and heading away to the west.

It was raining pretty much the whole time we were out walking, and as soon as we had the opportunity to duck out of walking and go back to the car we did so. It’s fair to say we were both soaked through.

In an effort to avoid further soaking we decided just to do a bunch of caches in the car. So we spent the rest of the afternoon just driving to places to the west of Alconbury where we could stop for a single cache or a couple of caches without having to walk more than a few hundred metres. This day caused me to take several batches of caches out of the middles of otherwise sensible-looking loop walks. So far I haven’t been back to finish off any of them, I think. I doubt I ever will go back for them. It was better than continuing to get wet though.