Let’s Get To It

This was a day out with Daughterus Minimus around the very pleasant little villages of Alconbury, Alconbury Weston and Coppingford. We stopped on the way to arm ourselves with the usual goodies. Pringles and chocolate, mainly, and a “getting going” coffee for me.

We parked up at the sports ground between Alconbury and Alconbury Weston. From here we had a pop at the “Alconbury Ambulance” series (plus a few hanger’s on). These took us on a vaguely clockwise loop around the two villages and yielded 31 finds over about 8km of walking. The walk started in Alconbury and then looped across fields into Alconbury Weston, from where we were walking down the side of the road. That’s not a bad start to the day.

When we were done with that, we had time enough to grab 10 more in the car before heading home. Izzy was about done with walking but wasn’t bothered about heading home.

Izzy also made me drive the car through a ford – there’s one in Alconbury.

There’s not a lot more to be said though. It was a good day out. Long enough to be worthwhile without being too much for Izzy.

All the caches we search for were traditionals apart from one earthcache (Limestone and Acid Rain). The caches we found around Alconbury Weston were :