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I had a slot to fill in The Matrix and managed to persuade Ami to come out with me for a bit (well, technically, it was bribery rather than persuasion, but it’s a fine line with an 8-year-old). I gave her the choice of either a bit of biking, or a walk round a town, or a few simple drive-bys. She picked the middle one. So we went for an amble round Ampthill.

So once the bribe had been paid (at Macky D’s) we were off to Ampthill on the promise of a handful of caches to fill up a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Some Caching

We parked in the car park of a well known posh supermarket chain (well, the sign said it was free) and began our walk. It was quite an unremarkable afternoon, but the caches we had a go at were :

But all in all, a decent afternoon I suppose. It was nice to spend an afternoon just with Ami.