A Bit More

Another day, another trip to the Hatley Heart Attack.

On this day I was joined by (or, I’d arranged to go out with) DJ:CD and we decided we’d start in Sutton and aim to do the loop around there.

I’d previously done a couple of loops to the south-west of there ( see Hatley Heart Attack Begins and More Hatley Heart Attack) and had left every other cache around the stretches that form part of both loops, thereby ensuring I had something to go back for.

We had a few shenanigans trying to meet up (meeting times are always a bit of a variable concept when you have kids) so I had time to grab a couple of drive-bys on the way in before parking up in the street and heading off for our walk.

It was a fairly reasonable day for January, with some sunshine and not too much cold. We managed to find 38 caches during the course of the day without straining too much.

The caches we found (well, the ones I found. DJ:CD probably found different ones because we did different drive-bys and he found some on the shared bits that I’d already done before) were :