16-02-28 Castle Donington.PNGHave you ever had one of those days when you set out with loads of enthusiasm and returned wondering why you’d bothered ?

This was one of those days.

There was an entertaining looking series of about 30 caches round the village of Castle Donington and I had a reasonable looking Sunday morning before going out for lunch with my folks, so I figured I’d give it a go while the rest of the family was doing whatever they do, which is running in Kas’s case, and as little as possible in the kids’ case.

I managed to park in the centre of the village and join the caching circuit near the numbered start point. The general gist was that the circuit goes downhill in a northerly direction towards the Trent and the A50 and then turns around and comes back up again. Easy, right ?

It was good going for the first 7 or 8 caches, but then I got to a railway line and started to have problems. I couldn’t find one there, and then I lost my way a little bit because the paths on the map weren’t evident on the ground, and there were a couple more misses, and I ended up wandering through an insected infested swamp, and then had to scale a pretty steep hillside and wander through some less-than-nice housing estates.

Eventually I ran out of time having done approximately two-thirds of the planned circuit. I was grumpy, but I needed to get home, and to be honest, it had been such a rubbish morning that I’d have given up anyway, regardless of not having finished the series. You live and learn.

Caches I did manage to find were :

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