So the second May Bank Holiday and we were up at my folks’ house in Measham for a couple of days while Kas hacked through a bit of work at home. On one of those days the kids and the parents decided they were off to Tamworth for a bit of shopping, so I thought I’d have a go at a new series of caches round the corner from their house in Austrey. It looked like it could be done fairly easily in a “long” morning, so I set off fairly early in the morning and promised to meet them in Tamworth when I’d finished.

It was an interesting series of caches, to be honest, with some challenges and interesting terrain, and it passed through a couple of beautiful little villages, Austrey and Newton Regis.

One highlight was returning via the big arched bridge over the M42 that is our usual marker for being “nearly there” when we drive up this way. I didn’t find the cache that was supposed to be there, and it was surprising to see that this fairly big bridge just carries a farm track over the motorway, but it was a long way down from the top.

The caches I found on the day were :