I Want to Ride My Bicycle (or sit in the back)

So, last night’s failure to complete Really Keyne was really grating and needed to be corrected. So I went back on the bike on Saturday afternoon in the name of some exercise as well as a bit of caching. In daylight, it proved to be extremely easy to find. In fact, how did we miss that last night, even in near total darkness. The thing it the size of a small planet. It is cunningly located against a wall, but I can’t show you which wall, because it’s a multi and my photos would allow you to get the cache without doing the donkey work.

Next up was ARP – Woolstone by Wavvy. This is a simple traditional under some vegetation in the park in Woolstone. It is very difficult to spot the random pond after which it is named. I think it is a virtual pond. I couldn’t see it.

After that I went of looking for Thorn in my Finger and once again failed. It must be quite well hidden. So far I have been here 3 times and haven’t got a Scooby where the cache is. It is quite irritating really. Maybe I’ll report it missing and ask the owner to confirm it is actually there.

And finally for the afternoon I found Pond Life (Ouzel Valley) by Monkston Madgirl. This is over the road into Woughton on the Green and I never knew the place existed, even though I have driven, run and cycled past it many, many times.