The Sketch

A Saturday afternoon in October. At that time of year there’s still enough daylight to make a decent day of geocaching. I headed to the other side of Royston for a couple of series at Barkway and Reed.

The series were mainly agricultural circuits. I parked in Barkway as there were a couple of multis there. I thought it would be best to collect the information for those and establish their final locations first. At least, before committing to any large amounts of walking. I wouldn’t want the final points to be miles off the radar. None of them was a long way away from the main walk, as it happened. They were just a little way off the circuit and mainly quite close to the village itself.

So, On with the Walking

When I got into the planned series, the first stage took me south and west of Barkway around the “Buckland Boomerang” series. After this, I took a more northerly route from Barkway over to Reed to complete the “Reed Runaround” series. In between the two series there was a virtual cache called Quintuples on the meridian – Virtual which was right next to a big solar farm. It requires the finder to visit a location on the prime meridian and where the latitude has five identical digits in the minutes of the northing, such as N 52o 00.000 or N 51o 55.555. The cache location is given as N 52o 00.000 E 000o 00.000, so that seemed like the best place to log the find, rather than anywhere else. You’re allowed to log it from any such location though.

There were a number of offshoots and assorted off-series church micros and others, followed by a couple of routes that could be done as drive-bys, and by the time I finished I’d run up a total of 66 finds.

The caches I found on the day were: