Failure After Failure

A lunchtime trip out from work to meet up with Kas and Izzy in Broughton, which proved to be completely barren.

We failed at A Random Bench #8 by Wavvy. This bit of Broughton is a 3G free zone. I’m guessing that the geocache was supposed to be on the bench where we sat, so I’m not sure the lack of signal was a major problem here, however we definitely couldn’t find a cache. It was, however, a pleasant area to waste half an hour. The sun was out and it was quite warm.

The big round park in the middle of Broughton that is home to the Broughton Bunny Hop is also a 3G free zone, apparently. That’s not especially useful when the cache is supposed to be amidst trees at the side of a crossroads in the footpaths. The hint wasn’t very hinty and the I couldn’t get enough of a signal to accurately identify which direction to go. So we furtled around in the trees for a while without success, and eventually decided to sign it off as a bad job and move elsewhere. Two misses out of two attempts.

And by the time we got to Taking the Pea by niccademus well, there was just too much traffic and time was running out.

So basically, a totally fruitless trip as far as geocaching is concerned. Barren Broughton indeed. Still, it’s nice to get away from work for a bit and see some of the family – not an altogether wasted trip.

You know what? I think we need a better GPS device. Just as well the Mrs has ordered one off the InterWeb………………..