A Big Day Out

Much excitement in the Gardner household on this day, or at least I was quite excited because it was my first caching trip out in the new motor. The previous weekend I’d finally waved goodbye to my old Honda Accord, in which I’d driven 98,000 miles in 10 years, and I’d welcomed my new Honda CR-V into the family. I chose to take it caching with me around the north side of Bedford for the Birthday Bash, to an appealing-looking series of interlocking loops officially called Two Birthdays, One Bash. I chose it partly because I spotted a parking spot that was proper hard-standing outside a church. No way I’m leaving my shiny new car out on the road or stuck in a ditch on its first day out.

I parked up in the village of Ravensden and headed round the north side of the loops and into Wilden, and then back around the south side to where I parked again.

There’s not a lot else to say other than that it was a nice day, and I had time to stop and collect a church micro in Renhold on my way home. In total I made 46 finds over the course of the day. It was enough for a late start and a hot day.

The caches I found on this first Birthday Bash were :