Memory Loss

Hmm! The problem with writing blog posts retrospectively is that when the day in question was a long time ago there’s a possibility I can’t remember it at all. Such is the case with this day. Evidently I went over to Wilden to finish off the “Two Birthdays, One Bash” series. It was my third visit to this series, hence the name Birthday Bash Trois.

My logs for the day simply say that they were all easy, and also that Ami came with me.

It was a Saturday. I didn’t seem to take my camera with me. I don’t remember going, or walking around, or anything. I must have gone though, because I logged the caches. Unless someone pretending to be me went and very thoughtfully hacked my account. And Ami’s. And then logged 34 caches onto each. That seems a little unlikely. So I’m going to stick with the assumption that I went. And then forgot about it. It wouldn’t be the first time and I doubt it’ll be the last. One good thing about writing blog posts is that I no longer have to remember the events concerned. It would be better if I wrote them while I still could remember, though.

Back at the plot, the logs say Ami came with me so that she could get past a particular milestone for finds. She wanted to get enough that her 1000th find would come as part of the epic Gigabus tour down to Munich. We just had time to get this inbetween our holidays in Holland and Munich. I think that was the point anyway. Who knows? Stuff!

The caches we found on Birthday Bash Trois were :