The Sketch

On this day I targeted a couple of circuits just to the west of Cambridge. They were near the villages of Bourn and Longstowe. One was the Bourn Bonanza. The other was the Longstowe Loop.

I’d been over to this area a couple of times previously when completing the Cambridge CacheAthon series ( see CacheAthon Part 1 and CacheAthon Part 2, both of which went through Bourn ). This had been archived for a year or so and a part of it replaced with these new series. The “Bourn Bonanza” and the somewhat smaller “Longstowe Loop” total of 46 caches between them. That’s enough to be worth going out. Even more so if you add a handful of church micros, village signs and associated other random caches.

The Walk

It was a Saturday and I’d been to do parkrun first before heading off for the caching. That meant starting late in the morning. I parked up by the side of the road in Longstowe, which meant I’d got two distinct circuits to do. One to Bourn, in the east, and one to Longstowe, on the west. I started with the larger, eastern one – the Bourn Bonanza. I walked in an anti-clockwise loop which took me east across the fields into the village of Bourn, around the back of Bourn Golf Course and then back across the fields heading west.

Once back at the main road I was a mile or so north of the car. My route planning wasn’t great and I walked a bit further than needed. But essentially I completed the Longstowe series here and then returned to the top of the main road. This left me with about 4 of the Bourn series left to do.

By the time I finished I’d walked nearly 20km. Ouch!

The caches I found from the Bourn Bonanza and the Longstowe Loop are shown on the map below.