A Weekend of Clearing Up

I had a weekend at home alone as a result of needing to put some extra effort into a piece of work I’d been doing. It was the school summer holidays so Kas took the kids up to her mum’s for a bit while I stayed at home. I decided to try a few caches in Bozeat as well as finishing some work in Chesham.

Friday Night

However, there’s no way I could actually manage to concentrate all the way through the weekend as I’d been working quite late on more than one evening during the preceding week, so I decided I needed a break on Friday evening.

I chose to drive up the road a few miles to the village of Bozeat to attempt a couple of short series there called the Bozeat Bakers Dozen and the Beast of Bozeat. Each had fewer than 15 caches, so I reckoned I could get round them both in an evening after work in July.

The two series sort of merged into one another and both were out in the countryside, forming quite a convenient-looking loop.

Most were easy until it started going dark, at which point I seemingly lost the ability to find anything at all, and eventually after 4 or 5 DNFs in a row in the increasing gloom I decided enough was enough. The DNFs were a bit of a shame, because I left enough to be noticeable on the map but not enough to be worth going back for.

Saturday Night’s Alright for Caching

Meanwhile, I worked through most of Saturday and got to the point where Sunday would be relatively lightweight, so I decided to take advantage of another nice evening by driving down to Chesham to finish off the Chiltern Hundred. I’d already had two pops at this and would happily have left it at the 100 or so finds I’d made, except that the Bonus cache was a very tempting Difficulty 5 / Terrain 5 (of which I had none at the time).

After my second day there I tried using the website to get the bonus coordinates but discovered that on one of the previous visits I’d written some of the codes down incorrectly. I therefore didn’t have enough correct codes to be able to get the coordinates. Dr Solly had been kind enough to tell me which ones I’d got wrong, so I was able to focus my return visit on the incorrect ones plus a handful that I’d so far not attempted.

After having a pop at what I thought was enough I remember sitting in my car attempting to type all of them into a web page on my phone, which proved unbelievably difficult and tedious. I did eventually manage to get the coordinates though, and I had just about enough energy and daylight left to go and find it. I can’t say where it is, but it was somewhere very close to one part I’d walked before. So I drove home having found my first ever 5/5.