14-11-29 Bulwick.pngA long day out up the top end of Northamptonshire doing a couple of loops that looked appealing.

I was out all day. I began my quest by parking up in Bulwick, from where I walked an anticlockwise loop around the fairly substantial 60-cache “Bulwick and Back Again” series. It was a long old walk around and fairly dank, cold and generally yakky weather. It was pretty quick going though.

Towards the end I got caught up by a couple of other cachers who were progressing round really quickly. we sort of latched on and finished the series together. When we got back into Bulwick they suggested we drive over to the relatively short looking “Apethorpe Archive” series of 20 caches. I was happy to join them and because we were a team of three (and because they walked at a natural pace above mine) we got the Apethorpe series done really quickly. I mean, 17-an-hour quickly.

It was essentially dark by the time we’d finished in Apethorpe, but by that time I’d made 85 finds and I’d had more than enough, so I said goodbye and set off for the hour drive back home again.

The caches I found were :

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