A Warm Late-Spring Morning

It was a very late Easter and I was up at my folks’ house in Measham with the kids for a few days. I noticed a series nearby called “Burgo and Beans”, which was named so because it passed through the villages of Newton Burgoland and Barton in the Beans. These are just a handful of miles from my folks’ house, so it didn’t take long to get there. In fact it took nearly as long to find somewhere to park as it did to drive there.

The series had a fairly easy-looking 26 caches around a circuit 12.3km in length, with a side order of two off-series caches thrown in for good measure. It was pretty much all across agricultural land with a short stretch along a bit of renovated canal. At Shackerstone it also passed by a bit of heritage railway belonging to the Battlefield Line.

It was a warm day and although I had taken a couple of drinks with me, it was nothing like enough. It took me about 3 hours to get round, and I’d had enough when I’d finished. In fact by the end I was struggling quite badly. I really should have carried more drinks with me. And probably some food.

As I remember them, the caches were all fairly easy, and I found every one that I attempted. Zero DNFs is always good.

I was back at my folks’ house in time for a late lunch, at which we all sat outside on the patio in the sunshine.