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The Sketch

A new series had appeared nearby to the north-west, near the village of Denton. It looked like a decent day out, and I arranged to meet Pesh to go and have a pop at it. It proved to be fairly fast walking and good weather. The series is called Camo Capers.

We met in Denton, having parked up next to the church. While I was waiting for Pesh to arrive I grabbed the details for the Church Micro, which was a short multi, and was able to work out the final coordinates. It was nearby.

We walked around the series in number-order and made extremely good progress as a result of the terrain being fairly good and the caches being fairly new. We got caught up by another cacher (Dijons) and then proceeded round the rest of the circuit as a three. That made for some very quick finds.

About halfway round I was able to walk up a hill and fetch a multi I’d solved a few years previously but couldn’t find (Cogenhoe Wanderers). It turned out to be quite easy on this visit.

By the time we got back to the cars we’d found about 35 caches in well under 3 hours, but hadn’t really catered in the drinks department, so we popped into the pub for a quick drink before breaking up. Pesh had somewhere to be.

On my way home I did a few drive-bys, but not with any great enthusiasm. It made a fairly reasonable day of 42 finds though.

The caches I found on the day were: