A day out with Daughterus Minimus tramping across the muddy fields of west Cambridgeshire looking for bits of Tupperware.

We had on the plan to do two series, the Catworth Cavalier and the Covington Conga, which conveniently interlink with each other, thereby allowing both series to be done as a single walk. That was the theory at least.

The execution proved somewhat different, but only because with it being February there was a point at about 3 pm where we had to make a call on whether we’d got enough daylight left to finish the northern half of the Catworth loop. At that point we’d already done over 40 caches, Izzy was getting a bit tired, and trying to do a further 15 caches over rough ground didn’t feel like a great idea, so we elected to take a rather long walk back over ground we’d covered already to make the quickest possible return to the car. It was still just about light when we got there. I really don’t like getting caught out in the middle of a bunch of fields when darkness comes. The footing can be dangerous and although I had a torch with me, it wasn’t a massive “second sun” job.

So once we’d got back to the car we did a couple of drive-bys in the failing light and then headed home with a total of 45 finds to our names. Not bad for a winter’s day.

The caches we found were :