This was the first of a whole load of new caching series in Milton Keynes entitled “Charlie’s Loops” – This one looked appealing enough to warrant a day off work to do them. It was a Friday. Well, I have to use the holidays for something. I can’t carry them over from one year to the next.

The series started in Wavendon, which doesn’t have a lot of available parking at the best of times, so I took advantage of the proximity of my (supposed) base work location to park my car and then promptly did a runner off the office site and out into the village, from where I was destined for a loopy walk over to Woburn Sands, along through Brickhill Woods, and then back into the south side of Milton Keynes again to reach home.

It was quite easy going all the way around. I found 30 caches in double quick time and without really getting stressed, although I was wearing normal jeans rather than waterproof trousers, so by the end, my trouser legs were a bit wet.

The caches I found on the day were :