Bow Brickhill Woods

An attempt at Charlies Second Loop, another one of the pretty good Charlie’s Loops. This one starts pretty much right next to my church micro on top of Bow Brickhill so gave me the opportunity to replace that one while I was there.

The walk itself descends into the wooded area known as “Back Wood”, which probably is all you need to know about how well-trodden it is. The path runs south from the church and into the woods down the steep hill, then along the bottom and back up again, joining the Bow Brickhill road a few hundred yards below the church.

It’s about 5.5 km round, and allowed us to go find a cache that previously had no appeal (There and Back (Bucks)) because it was pretty much a kilometre away from any other cache and from the nearest road. Charlie’s Second Loop takes you right past it. Result.

I had Izzy with me on this day. She was up for a bit of muddy tramping through the woods. She did well, given that it was slippy, quite cold and quite steep. In fact, it was really slippy in some parts. The woods round here never really dry out, and at this time of year, when the autumn rains have arrived, bits of it are basically a swamp.

The afternoon yielded a relatively modest 20 finds, but it wasn’t really about that. It was more about having a bit of a walk with Izzy.

The caches we found from Charlies Second Loop were :