A cold and grey day in December with nothing much to do. Might as well go hunting for tupperware.

First up was Charlie’s Third Loop, which required parking on the road between Woburn and Little Brickhill. It was a short loop of 17 caches which took me less than two hours to do. It involved a very pleasant walk through some of the woodland up on Brickhill, followed by a dive down into the bottom and a walk over ground I’d previously covered doing the Orange section of the MK Boundary Walk.

Second up was Charlie’s Fifth Loop, which required parking in Milton Keynes over the park from the Open University campus at Walton Hall. This one was a more urban route around the paths in Walton Hall and Woughton-on-the-Green, so it was quite fast going. It was getting pretty well dark by the time I got back to my car though.

In all I found 38 caches on the day. They were :