A Warm Day for Walking

My second attempt at the Chiltern Hundred series near Chesham. I decided to take an afternoon off work to try to ensure that I found most of the remaining caches. There was the added opportunity to attend an event in honour of the cache owner’s celebration of several thousand cache finds – I think it was 20,000. It might also have been his birthday. And it was warm. Full t-shirt weather, with a side-order of sunburn.

Back at the plot, I attempted a few that I’d missed on my first attempt as I was driving into Chesham. This time I was successful, so converted a couple of frownies into smilies. I then parked up to do the Asheridge circuit, which is the middle of the three loops. It wasn’t a huge loop but it was enough for a warm afternoon.

The terrain proved to be a little challenging, but the caching was fairly easy in comparison to my previous trip. I wasn’t missing quite so many. I was on such a roll with them that I returned to repeat a few more on the Pednor loop too, again with some success.

By the time I got to the event back in the middle of Chesham it was already buzzing as I’d managed to stay out caching until nearly 7 pm. There was a good crowd. I’d found 42 caches and the event took me up to 43. I thought I’d found enough to be able to have a pop at the bonus when I got home. Oh, how wrong I was! It appeared as if I’d written a few codes down incorrectly and still had too many codes missing.