Titter ye not !

Cockayne Hatley. It’s what the village is called. I didn’t make it up. It makes me snigger every time.

Meanwhile, back at the plot.

Cockayne Hatley is a little village just out on the east side of Potton, and is about an hour from where we live. At the time (i.e. before the massive Hatley Heart Attack series was released at the end of 2015) it had a nice little circular loop of about 30 caches. I’m writing this post in retrospect, and shortly after this day all these caches were archived and replaced by the larger series.

On this particular day, I had Daughterus Minimus with me, and we had a decent length of Saturday afternoon to have a go at a few. I seem to remember the weather was bright but a bit windy.

We parked outside the church at Cockayne Hatley and walked in a clockwise loop. It was quite easy-going, except for being disturbed by a kid on a quad-bike after about half an hour. The rest was easy. To be honest, the kid on the quad-bike wasn’t especially disturbing. The outward stretch of the walk was all downhill. Just above Wrestlingworth our route turned west and then north, and back up the hill.

When we’d done with the walk we had a little time left. We got into the car, and went to collect the Church Micro and Village Sign in Wrestlingworth and the Church Micro in Tadlow. Cha-ching! 36 finds in under 4 hours around Cockayne Hatley, and back home in time for dinner.

The caches were :