Piggin’ Geocaching

Saturday morning, the sun is shining, the wife has got up early to have breakfast after being kicked out of bed by the kids. The kids have followed Kas downstairs, so what does that mean for a sleepy old Daddy? Get up and go caching, of course. But this time, geocaching with added dinosaur. Strictly speaking, it was Peppa Pig, and a reference to her brother George’s favourite subject.

Mummy’s run was down at Willen Lake, which gave ample opportunity to pick up a couple of caches including the previous failure described in the Willen Wander.

Firstly though, Kev, Ami and Izzy left Kas at the lake and shot off towards Newlands to track down Walking with Dinosaurs !!. This is at the corner of the Gullivers Land Ecopark / Splash Zone / whatever…..but not actually inside it, which is just as well because they don’t seem to be open this early. There were, however, some muggle employees checking out the perimeter fencing. We made a half-hearted attempt at looking like we were just out for a walk, but it’s difficult here because it isn’t the most scenic bit of MK.

Once the muggles had left the Garmin quickly located GZ and Kev was mooching about and pointing towards the fence when Ami came out with the phrase “I wonder if it’s under here ?” Quickly followed up by “Daddy, I’ve found it”

It seems Ami is developing a Spidey-Sense or something. She found that before I even started looking.

Easier at the Second Attempt

So from there we followed the redways around to the location of TOPS OF THE POPS 60’s. This was a previous failure (see the Willen Wander) but subsequent emails with the owner confirmed that I was at the right coordinates. For want of a better phrase, I had been barking up the wrong tree. So we tried again based on the owner’s description. The actual location is about 10 feet from where our GPS says it is, and is very much more accessible. It took about 2 minutes for Kev to find it. Signed the log, and shot off.

Just time on the way back to spin round extremely quickly in the net at the playpark before catching up with Kas after her run.

Two more completed in 40 minutes. Can’t be bad. However, it’s going to take more time next time, because we’ll have to drive away from Willen for a start point otherwise we’ll have to walk back before we set off.