Leighton Buzzard

We began our day with an event in Leighton Buzzard to celebrate “Pi Day” and then moved on to Dunstable. For the mathematically inclined, a Pi Day event should be on 3.14.15 at 9.26am (ish).

Izzy decided she was happy to join me for the day, and I planned a fairly long circuit from Totternhoe Knolls over the fields towards Dunstable and back. We obviously packed “provisions” too, as you can’t go caching at this time of year without appropriate sustenance.

Totternhoe and Dunstable

Our walk took us steeply uphill to start with, past an earthcache that required us to estimate and describe a few things about a massive chalk cliff there. From that point it was somewhat easier going as we walked across rolling countryside and then into the outskirts of Dunstable itself.

We hunted for one multi in Dunstable that we couldn’t find and there was another on the edge of town where I think we must have miscalculated and ended up in a nonsensical location. Other than that, most of the finds were straightforward. We were starting to struggle with energy by about 3:30 pm though.

The walk back home was along an old railway line, so it was fairly quick and Izzy did remarkably well to keep going, but had obviously had more than enough by the time we stopped.

We made 51 finds in total. They were: