Lunchtime Wanderings

This was a solo lunchtime jaunt by Kev to get a couple of nearby caches. It is only really of interest because it was done without the assistance of a GPS device. So why the title? Well, it is apparently a tradition with one of my new office colleagues that the Friday after payday is deemed to be Fat Food Friday, and someone has to bring in cakes, sweets, or something else generally unhealthy. So as I remember it these two caches were fuelled by doughnuts and coffee.

First was Wavvy’s IMBY!  – a previous failure caused by issues with identifying the correct tree. This time I got the correct tree, and as a result the goodies were in hand within seconds. Second was Come on Babe, why don’t we paint the town…… by We do checks and cache, which involves a bunch of anagrams and some general internet-based research to establish the coordinates of the cache. It is quite a public location but thankfully it was quiet when I was there. You get the distinct impression of being watched, though.

A Delay in Buying Wine

And being a Friday it was obviously necessary to go out and buy wine. I managed to persuade Kas to let me go look for one wafer-thin cache on the way, that being Cows, Roundabouts and …… caches by Kitey. After 2 previous failures I now knew after the event the previous Wednesday that this was in the location I had visited, but that I had somehow missed it. Anyway, third time lucky. Tree selection issues, again.

So at this point I had solved 6 of the 8 qualifiers of Kitey’s Mission Impossible series and had therefore narrowed the location of Mission Impossible MK5: Finale  down to a spot on one of four lines of 20 yards long with about 60 yards between each. Difficult to explain, but there’s some algebra involved. I took a punt that one of those 4 lines was much more likely than the other 3 and it proved to be the correct one, but not on this visit, or on several others. OK, so it was dark. Maybe I’d better go and fetch that wine and go home.